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Important note for cannon netting catch participants

The VWSG and its sister group FOSSE have been through some significant changes to our permitting and approvals. Participants must have at least a C class permit issued by Australian Bird and Bat Bnading Scheme (ABBBS) to touch a bird or help set a net or trap. They must also be listed on the ethics permit and the scientific permit.

Non-permit holders can: carry bird bags, look in keeping cages to make sure birds are ok, put up keeping cages, count birds into keeping cage, gather seaweed for putting on the net, scribing, dismantling equipment - i.e anything that does not involve touching a bird.

C Class banding permits are, in effect, a learner's permit. If you wish to come out catching with us, and to handle birds, you will need to complete an application form for the licence and another form to be on the Ethics permit. There is no fee. To find out more check the ABBBS website. You will also need to sign the application forms so that you can be added to the ethics permits. If you already have a banding licence (C, R or A), you will need to send me a copy and also sign the Ethics permit form.

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